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    I hope you can help me finding the solution to get the utrack24 to work with the uremote software!
    The uremote software on my macintosh doesnt seem to connect with my utrack24.
    I connected an old wireless router to the utrack24 and the utrack shows an ip address in its system detail page.
    Also …. the uremote shows a Copperlan connection in the detail screen when clicking on the icon in the software.
    The ip-address seems to be the same as on the hardware,… but i stil can’t get it to work and its stays stuck in the demo mode.
    What else can i do?



    What is the firmware version on your uTrack24? (menu/utilities/system details)
    Do you have any USB drive connected to the uTrack24?


    Thanks for the quick reply!
    the firmware on the device is 3474
    my mac runs os 10.10.5
    and i have no usb drive connected! i do have it hooked up to the computer via its rear usb connection.


    i just found out that it seems to work with an usb drive in the front of the utrack24.
    So to say: use it as an standalone device for harddisk recording.
    Does this mean that it cant do detailed metering while using it as soundcard?


    Yes you are right. The uRemote working only in USB host mode (playback/recording from/to USB drive)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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