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    Simon Lind

    Just bought a uTrack24 and connected it to my MacBook Pro 10.14.6 Mojave. First the uTrack restart itself a couple of times. Then nothing happens, not able to see it as a sound card or use the upgrade firmware software. No device found. Not able to see it in utool either (Not sure if it should be visible there anyway though)

    I don’t have and usb drives connected to the unit only using the usb cable connected in the rear.

    uTrack24 firmware version 4218



    Could you please tell me what do you see on the device display when you connect to the computer?

    Then nothing happens, not able to see it as a sound card or use the upgrade firmware software.

    The firmware update possible only trough the network.

    Simon Lind

    I have installed the utrack24 in my gig rack and won’t be able to test it right now, maybe next week. However, I remember the screen went on and off 3-4 times and then it said “Disconnected” but I will have to double check it.

    Joe Dempsey

    My USB interface isn’t working either.

    I just purchased the uTrack 24 a couple of days ago. The uTrack recognised my external hard drive first time I used it and was able to upload a multitrack sonf for playback.

    As soon as I unplugged it and plugged it back in, it will no longer recognise that external hard drive or others. When I plug in the hard drive, it says ‘mounting drive’ and loads to about 50% on the screen before it goes blank. Then, the screen, buttons and volume gauge all begin to flash (screens and buttons white flashing, volume gauge red flashing light).

    However, when I plug in my Mac, it is able to recognise it and works ok.

    In addition, I downloaded the latest version of uTool and it continually crashes every time I deleted the multi track file from the drive and re-added (to ensure it wasn’t a case of the file being corrupted.

    This is really frustrating and I need this for a show next week. Can someone help????

    Jeff Bowman

    The USB driver is terrible and doesn’t look like it will ever be updated.

    Having paid top dollar for this unit and the audiolan card, Ive never used it live and it’s been sitting in it’s box for the last year.

    Very disappointing!

    David Fernandes

    I have the same problem as Joe Dempsey inserting any flash drive starts loading the data and seconds later the command lights (play; stop; etc) go off and on successively.
    If i connect Utrack 24 to my pc, it is not recognized either!
    Already reinstalled all available firmwere (Through RJ45 port, USB does not work) installs everything normally, but in the end the same thing happens! Urgent! Who helps me?


    to everybody please note, who reading it post:
    support service members don’t help to fix… they only have written to me what I’m the first user who declares of that problem. funny!…
    but I had a fix my problem (see below) by reinstalling the software back to the earliest version 3124. Previous software ver. 4218 & 4064 it doesn’t fix it the problem.
    best wishes to everybody

    Utrack is not recognized when USB-connected to OSX

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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