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    Joseph Karniewicz

    I was wondering if it would be possible to use a Y-Insert cable in “reverse” to connect a mixer direct out to the LR-16?

    1) My mixer’s direct outs can be both balanced/unbalanced. The Y-insert cable has a TRS jack on one end and a pair of TS jacks on the other. Could I take the Tip/Sleeve jack and put in into the mixer’s direct out, leave the Ring/Sleeve jack unconnected and put the TRS jack into the LR-16?

    2) I’ve been looking at the direct out cable snake that Cymatic offers and I was wondering if there is a problem with the pdf (sc08glcolor.pdf)) that shows the wiring. It appears in the wiring that Ring is connected to Ring … my understanding is that the Ring should be disconnected – did I get that wrong?

    3) I have not be able to locate any appropriate TRS-TS cables or adapters that leave the ring unconnected. Does anyone have any suggestions for the appropriate cables/connectors or companies that might provide them?


    The LR-16 have unbalanced insert stlye inputs, that’s mean the TRS socket following this pinout:
    T (tip): Input signal (from your source to LR-16)
    R (ring): Return signal (from your LR-16 to source)
    S (sleeve) Common ground

    When you want to connect direct out to your LR-16 you’ll need to use TRS jack on the LR-16 side, and leave the R (ring) pin disconnected. (the other end of the cable can be TS (if your mixer have unbalanced direct out). If you have a Y where the pinout TRS (plug) –> 2xMONO TS socket [1xTS + 1xRS] you can use that as well.

    Acoording to the Direct loom PDF that’s defienetley show wrong pinout, thanks for the heads up.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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