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    new update for uTool has been released this week. The new version fixes amongst others:
    • Mixer not working correctly with empty tracks
    • Different length tracks handled incorrectly under OS X
    • “Export” button not highlighted in some situation
    • Autoplay playlist option available now
    • Several other minor fixes and enhanced stability



    Quick question in uTool…. In the “Export” tab then to “Multitrack Playlists” There are two radio buttons one on the left to “Select” then just to the right of it, it says “Auto”…..what does the “Auto” do?


    With the “Auto” button you can select the playlist as autoplay playlist.
    The uTrack24 has the ability to automatically playback a playlist upon powering up.
    Two important thing about this feature:
    1. If you select the playlist as “auto” the playlist automatically renamed to autoplay.play during exporting.
    2. You need to enable autoplay in uTrack24 menu : Menu/Playback/Autoplay on boot (you can enable this feature in the uRemote as well)

    More info: User manual page 20. (13.8 )

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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