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    Hi, friends,
    I’m finally trying to compose MT playlist and I’m facing 2 problems here:

    1. when a list of the songs on the right side of multitrack playlist editor reaches the bottom, I cannot add another song to the last position. The only way is to put that song to the penultimate position instead and then slide tha last song one position upwards (just swapping them). When doing this for like 20 times it gets a bit annoying.

    2. Issue with Start Mode>Wait for Timer… I cannot change that 0 no matter how I try, so this Wait for Time doesn’t work for me at all and it behaves like “No Delay” mode.

    Any ideas on these issues? All other functionality is just great as far as I work with it for 2 months.

    Thank you very much.
    Richard, Czech Rep.


    No one?
    Wait for Timer doesn’t work even under Win10 x64 which I tested right now on a borrowed PC.
    I just wonder how come nobody has never objected this bug before, this particular function is printed on the box and in specs as a truly unique feature…
    Strange things happen.


    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your input

    1. We are going to fix that with the coming release of uTool.

    2. How do you mean that you cannot change from “0”? If you click before the “0” you should able to change. –> What OS?, What version of uTool?


    Thank you for your reply.
    I cannot input any number in the field with that 0 sitting inside. That zero cannot be deleted/overwritten with another number, all I need 3 seconds wait time to replace my capo on guitar and change preset sound on a guitar rig.
    Using uTool 2,0.062, Win7 x64 and Win10 x64.
    Have a nice day, Laszlo.


    O.K. I found a solution right now:
    1. right click in the field with “0”, select delete, “0” disappears
    2. in Notepad I write with keyboard e.g. 3 and select Copy on it
    3. right click in uTool2 empty field a select Paste (“3” apperars there) and then Apply.

    Voila, that new Wait for Timer “3” seconds works.
    Happy me.

    Could you do something about it?


    Hi Richard,

    Sorry we missed to reply your previous query. I have replied in your other post about how to do.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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