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    Brendan Ross

    I noticed yesterday while exporting more songs to utool that it doesn’t seem to keep a copy of the wav files associated with each song in it’s own location. (ie: it references from the files original location) I was re-bouncing and replacing some stems and saw that the song shows an error – saying it doesn’t see one of the files previously saved with the song.

    So now I’m trying to find a way to export everything from utool to serve as a backup. All my files are scattered across several folders and external drives and if I should inadvertently delete something in say a few months from now I’d like to know that I have a backup safely stored in another location which also houses all of the wav files associated with each and every song.

    Is there a way to export everything for backup so one can revisit a song later? (if one of my drives died for example I’d have to revisit the song as opposed to grabbing my backup)

    PS ive been exporting to an external drive but after inspecting the .songprj files today i see that they are tiny (4kb) meaning there’s no audio saved with it…


    On the export tab you can select the “directory” option, in this case the exporting going to your local HDD instead of removable HDD.
    If you want to use stereo and multirack songs it would be useful to use subfolders: “Recordings” folder for the multitrack songs and “Music” for the stereo songs
    That can be your local “backup” from the songs.
    You can re-import the song (from your “backup folder”) if you need to replace/modify one track in the song.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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