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    Damian Powell

    In uTool 2.0.055 on Windows 10 Professional:

      [li] Select “Export” from the main tab
      [li] Select the checkbox next to “Multitrack Songs” in the “Project Explorer”
      [li] Tap the button next to “Target”.
      [li] Tap the folder icon.
      [li] In the “Browse For Folder” dialog, try to expand or double-tab “This PC”.

    At this point, on my Surface Pro 3, nothing happens. None of the items in the dialog will expand and the dialog can’t be moved by dragging it with a finger, either. This is a common scenario for me as I tend to use the Surface in tablet mode at rehearsals and shows. When I use a trackpad or a mouse, the “Browse For Folder” dialog works fine.

    I’ve raised a few issues in the forums today regarding the LP-16 and uTool but I want to make it clear: I think these tools are excellent and I’m really impressed with them! Thank you, Cymatic, for your great products. Keep up the good work!


    Hi Damianpowell,

    Rigorous testing has only been done with PC’s without touch screens. We will have a look into this problem with touch screens.

    Thanks for reporting this issue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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