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    Oliver Frager

    Hi to the other uTool users and to Cymaticaudio Support,

    I just bought an LP-16 and downloaded the uTool software v1.0.0 (July 2015) onto my DELL Windows 7 Laptop. The only thing i want to do with uTool is creating a Stereo playlist for some Stereo WAV files, what should be quite simple and feasible even without having to read a manual. But trying to understand the uTool Manual is impossible, because certain needed Information is not given and also trying to manage the software with or without the manual does not lead to success. And every few minutes the software crashes. Sorry, but this software and its documentation is not ready for the market.

    A few of my questions:

    1) when first time starting uTool the software request some file paths for imported WAV files and song Project files.
    what are song “Project” files? I only want to work with Stereo wav files.

    2) i copied some stereo WAV files to both of the directories linked with uTool, but uTool did not find them to be assigned to a playlist.

    3) do i have to manually copy the WAV files to the USB disk or will this be done by uTool together with an Export of the playlist?

    4) uTool asks for song Project files, but i only have simple Stereo WAV files? what to do?

    But then, after watching a chinese YouTube Video i got a first Impression, how this software could work and i continued clicking and trying around with the uTool.
    The solution in uTool i finally found more or less by chance:

    go to the “Export” tab,
    then select “Stereo Songs”,
    then set the path that you see there to the Directory, where the Stereo WAVs are located,
    click the button “add new song”,
    then you should see a list with all the WAV files within the uTool Screen, select the WAV files you want to use in your playlist and then click the button “save and quit”.
    And don’t get angry, if uTool crashes from time to time.
    Now you got the WAV files within the uTool library and in the Directory, where the WAV files a located, you can see that uTool created an additional file to each WAV file with the Extension .songprj

    YES, These are the Project files uTool requested for in the very beginning.

    Now click on the “Playlist” tab, then on the “Stereo playlist” sub-tab, then click the button “add new playlist”,
    then on the left Screen you see a list of your WAV Project files that you created earlier.
    Select all of some of the projekt files and the move them with the mouse to the right Screen into you playlist.
    In the playlist you can rearrange the song sequence.
    Finally click “save playlist”.

    Then connect your USB storage device (e.g. USB thumb stick) to your computer,
    go to the “Export” tab,
    then to the “Stereo playlist” sub-tab, then select your playlist, you just created (see above),
    then click the “Export” button.

    That’s it.

    Having written this, I put the USB stick into the LP-16 and select Stereo mode. The WAV files are there and the playlist also. I can Play the WAV files direcely, but when I select the playlist, the LP-16 Software crashes, i.e. it reboots. and this happens all the time, i select this playlist.

    No,, i do not give up!

    I create another playlist and export it to my USB stick. so, now i have 2 playlists on the USB stick. I put the USB stick into LP-16 and so on. But the same result with both playlists, LP-16 reboots.

    So, now i give up. Cymaticaudio Support, please help.



    Thank you for your feedback.

    1. When you create a multitrack song from mono wav files you need to assign mono files to the channels, and you also need/can to setup the mixer parameters, this informations stored in the “project file”

    2. Yes, because you have to open that folder manually, if the location different than the default location.

    3. When you select one playlist for export that will be export the playlist itself, and the files as well what is related to the playlist.

    4. The most important thing right in the beginning to select the right destionation device, because the uTrack24 and the LP-16 handle the files in different format. (settins)

    Steps to create stereo content and playlists:
    Select the right destionation device in the settings
    Go to the “export” tab select the “stereo song” subtab, then select the add new song
    Click on the folder icon browse the folder where your stereo songs located.
    Select the songs what you want to use in the uTool then click on the “save and quit” button
    Now you have to see the stereo songs in the uTool
    Click on the “playlist” tab select the “stereo playlist” subtab
    Click on the “add new playlist”
    Select and drag and drop the files what you want to use in the playlist, set the start mode if needed, then add a name for the playlist and click on the “save playlist”
    Now your playlist created.
    If you want to export click on the “export” tab, choose the stereo playlist.
    Select the playlist, select your HDD where you want to export, than click on the export button. That should be export the content (stereo files) and the playlist as well.

    Do you already updated your LP-16 to the latest 83859 firmware release?

    Oliver Frager

    Hi Laslo,

    thank you for your reply. I just upgraded the LP-16 to the 83859 firmware release and now the Stereo WAV playlists work without problem! So, thank you for your help.

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