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    uTool is not detecting a connected removable drive with a uTrack recording on it. Here are some details:

    -uTrack 24 Firmware 3124
    -LaCie Rugged Mini 7200RPM hard drive formatted on the uTrack 24 and contains a 10 minute recording
    -Recording plays back on the uTrack 24
    -Lacie Rugged Mini drive is detected by Disk Management on Windows 10 Professional 64 bit but does not have a drive letter assigned
    -uTool version 1.1.46 shows only the internal drives in the settings panel and they are selected as “Fixed Drives”
    -The Rugged Mini drive does not appear as an option on the Removable Drive tab on the Import pane.
    -Same result after rebooting or launching uTool as administrator

    Perhaps there is something basic I’m missing. I’ve been through the manual a few times and didn’t find anything that seemed similar in the forums.


    Hi ekaudio,

    If the drive have no drive letter assigned, in this case the uTool not able to use the drive. Like in your windows explorer, if you not able to open the drive the uTool also not able to open the drive content.
    Please try to reboot the PC, or use another USB port on the PC.

    You can try to enable the automount option in windows.

    open command prompt (cmd)

    type in diskpart
    type in automount enable


    Manually assigning a drive letter through Disk Manager took care of the problem. It’s possible that I have used up all of the drive letters with static drive letter mapping on this computer and Windows just gave up. I have removable SATA HDD bays and frequently use media readers though none are connected now.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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