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    Anders B

    I tried uTool v2 instead of uTool v1.
    However, it was seriously slower to import audio.

    Same computer, same external hard drive:
    approximately 2 hours recording, two sessions of 24 tracks (from a u24)

    uTool v1: 10-15 minutes
    uTool v2: 2 hours (!)

    I quickly uninstalled uTool v2 and went back to v1.

    Br, Dl


    Hi boerup,

    The updated uTool2 is already on the corner where we improved the performance of import/export, please stay tuned.

    Anders B


    By the way: The possibilities to export to stereo files would be great….1&2 > stereo file, 3&4 > stereo file and so on….

    Br, B


    Hi boerup,

    That is already implemented in the uTool2. You can simply drag and drop stereo or any multichannel wav files from the left window to the right where you create a new multitrack song.


    Glad I came across this post otherwise I would have never realised that uTool1 was so much better.

    The first time I used uTool2 it took 25 minutes to unpack a 11minute take where as uTool1 was done in 45 seconds :woohoo:


    I assume you are running uTool on OSX right?
    Those issue reported by another user as well. We gonna fix that issue with the coming uTool release


    No, I am running it on Windows 10 Pro.

    The computer is an Intel i7-6950X 2GHz with 128GB ram.

    Storage was from a Sandisk ultra Fit in a USB3 port on to an internal SSD.


    Dear all
    This week I got my U-track X32 and I’m very happy with this card.
    The only thing is the slow export off the Utool V2, I make an export with old wav tracks.
    For 24 tracks with 13 Gb data it took about 5 a 6 hours. Then I found this post and install V1.1.47 on the same laptop and now the same project is finished in 9 mins 16 sec.
    What do I wrong, ore when will this be fixed

    Greetings Peter Visscher

    Sorry for my bad English I’m from Holland


    Hi Peter,

    You are doing nothing wrong. That is a kind of known issue in the current uTool 2.0.034 (beta) release.
    We going to release the new version soon where the processing speed are improved.
    Please stay tuned.

    Mike Todd

    Worth adding (as I’ve no idea when these previous posts were made) that I’m also seeing a massively slow import with uTool2 (about 20 times slower than uTool1)



    Thank you for your input.
    With the coming version the processing speed should be improved.

    Please stay tuned


    Until Utool v2 improves the conversion speed, here is my method to convert projects:
    1. Rename Take00xx(00yy).wav files to UFXxx_yy.wav . There are several batch renaming utilities available on the web, personally I use Bulk Rename Utiliy ( https://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/ ) with regular expression (Takedd)(dd)((dd)(dd) to be replaced by UFX2_4
    2. Convert the chain of files using a third party conversion tool. Googling “Multichannel WAV File Batch Processor” should bring you to the place where you can download it.

    Current Utool beta version conversion time of my project (53 minutes of 32 track recording): 2.5+ hours
    Alternate method described above: 14 minutes

    To Cymatic: please provide some availability timeline for an improved Utool v2 software. The beta has been out for almost half a year, and without proper file conversion, the UTRACK-X32 board has limited use (for me at least).

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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