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    I purchased a uTrack24 and I am experimenting with it.

    One thing I want to do: Combine 16 outs with ableton via USB connection to the PC and send these into a 16 channel mixer, which will be my main console aka “outboard” mixer. I have a mackie 1604 and a bunch of fx devices to use for that. I know, a bit of a waste, but I found out, the workflow is just better like this.

    Recording would be done with another device then: A Fireface UCX


    • Buffer sizes? How low can I go?
    • Basically possible?
    • Someone doing this?
    • Cheap outboard consoles with recall?

    Any help is welcome 😉 Anyone using this setup or is doing mixing with outboard maybe can give me hints for such a setup.



    Yes you can do that. You can use the uTrack24 as a 24/24 USB interface, in your case 24 output where you’ll use 16 output channels.
    The minimum buffer size will really depend on your PC’s performance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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