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    Nikolaj Kaae Kirk

    Hey fellas.
    I recently upgraded from an LP16 + a small analogue mixer to the uTrack24.

    The product is great, however I am having some trouble with the in-built mixer function. The thing is, I want to set and save a global volume level for each channel, but as far as I have concluded, the only way to use the mixer is by doing track specific mixing either from the front panel of the uTrack or through uTool.

    Is there a way to set global mixer settings, so that i.e. channel 1 is at a constant volume relative to channel 2,3,4 etc?

    My setup is like this:
    Channel 1 for metronome (a .wav that is sync’d to each song, it goes to my in-ears only).
    Channel 2 for subkicks, output to the PA.
    Channel 3 for Left backtrack, output to the PA.
    Channel 4 for Right backtrack, output to the PA.
    Channel 5 is meant for monitor send from the soundman (input to the uTrack).

    I have yet to test the uTrack live, and I fear that I will need to adjust the monitor send from the soundman for each individual track, which is going to be a bit of a hassle during short changeovers.

    What I need is an option to level each channel, so that they stay at the same relative level to each other at all times (if possible, even with changing setlists/tunes imported to the uTrack). Or at least an easier way of leveling the channels, so I don’t have to do it song-specifically.

    I hope you catch my drift, and if not then please let me know how I can elaborate!

    All the best,
    Nikolaj (and the band CABAL from Denmark).

    Nikolaj Kaae Kirk

    Another thing is that I want to use drum triggers to output to PA, as well as to my in-ears. And I struggle to realize how this will work with the way the mixer is setup to tune-specific leveling.

    Paolo Torquati

    Hey Nikolaj.
    There’s a mixer preset setting option in the mixer section, in each song.
    Go to the first song, push the preset button, make a new user and save your channel settings. Use that preset in for all your songs by choosing and loading the preset and save it to the song.

    Paolo Torquati

    If you need more help, PM me in messenger. (I’m danish 😉

    Tobias Vanderhenst

    I am trying to do the same, but when I select a preset and then push Load, nothing is loading. A bug in the uTool? (I have the latest one …)

    Tobias Vanderhenst

    I just noticed, the level is saved but panning isn’t. I am working with multiple stereo tracks which I am routing to the stereo out for our “light” setup in case we don’t need the full blown multi track.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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