uTrack 24 won’t power CME WIDI master.

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    Sean Doyle

    I’ve just purchased a pair of CME WIDI master Bluetooth MIDI adaptors to allow my uTrack 24 to wirelessly control my Helix via MIDI.

    The WIDI requires between 3.3v and 5v power via MIDI to function. I believe the uTrack 24 passes power via midi and I have confirmed this with a multimeter, yet the uTrack will not power the WIDI. The WIDI has no faults as I’ve tested it on my Helix.

    Can anyone offer help or advice? Has anyone successfully powered a MIDI device via the uTrack’s MIDI out?

    Mike 75

    Hello Sean,

    I’ve also bought the widi master (before I read your post) and have the same problem like you. Surely you have solved the problem in the meantime. Perhaps you found a solution with CME Widi Master or you took an other Bluetooth Midi Interface that works….

    Can please tell me your experiences and what I could do. Thank you.

    Best regards

    Mike 75

    Hello, I want to inform the cymatic family of my experiences with widi master and the widi jack. I first bought the widi master but the midi signal could not be transmitted from utrack to my iPad. The problem lies in the utrack output because on the midi output of my Neural DSP Quad Cortex the widi master worked perfectly. After contact to widi support I bought the widi jack. The Jack has a separate Power-USB C input which can be connected to a separate power adapter. That gear worked perfect. So finally I can say that the midi out of the utrack is not able to deliver the correct power that the widi master, which can work with 3,3V or 5V, needs. If you want to get a succesfull midi/bluetooth connection you should take the widi Jack!

    Cheers Michael

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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