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    John C Moon

    UTrk24 firmware 2469
    Router TP link TPWR841N (300mps wireless n) Quite common in UK
    Windows 7 Laptop, 4 G Ram, Intel I3.330m
    Router knowledge basic…..
    I am finding getting connected to use your great remote confusing, and not even sure if i have the correct router I bought today.
    Would it be possible to go through a setup, as the remote manual makes it sound easy.
    So far the router is talking to my laptop via wi fi at 300mps ,and the UTrk screen says its ip is 192.168.100 via wired a Lan port (not the WAN port?)
    But is seems the the router is not passing info through, as the remote ap will not come out of demo mode.
    UTrk to Lan. Lan to Laptop Ethernet via 2 Lan ports (WIFI turned off) Same ip
    This time I managed to get the remote working, and tried a recording (just silence)stopped then recorded again.
    But it eventually causes a “Remote app not responding and will close down” and stops working.

    Big question is, have a configuered the Router correctly…their easy setup is fine untill .its asking for IP /Submask/DHCP server/DNS server for the UTrack, as it thinks its the internet?? My laptop IP info varies but seems to be IPV4 and 255 255 255 0 Sub, is this IP to close to the UTrack ?
    So many questions, so sorry to be a pain, but a basic idiots guide to setting up would be great.
    Should i be setting up the router software before connecting to the UTrk? If so how does it see the UTrk.

    Could not see anyone on the forum dicussing this at all, but the Behringer site has simular problems with its new XR18r,
    but i have managed to get that working fine via wifi & cable.

    ****** A list of correct routers suitable, would be great,

    (the TPLink range is large) as i think i have bought the wrong type, and will return, no rush
    Many thanks

    Tom Sailor


    Did you update to the latest firmware?

    John C Moon

    Yes its 2469, do you think i bought the correct router?

    Tom Sailor

    Is your Firewall blocking the app perhaps?

    John C Moon

    Hi, please find enclosed photo for uremote crashing via wired ethernet for your info.
    I did a windows troubleshoot, and it did a compatability mode to XP SP2…..and it know seems to work, but only played with all controls for around 10 with no further problem.
    As for using via wifi, its still sticking to demo mode. Have checked firewall and set to let through, my other wi fi stuff works fine
    The U24 IP on scheen is is this fixed or getting it from the router ?
    The TP Link Router IP is
    The PC laptops internal broadcom netlink ethernet is
    Are all these IPs to close together ?
    Off to bed now, but any help with wifi side, and possible router set up would be great thanks

    John C Moon

    Hi, (PC Win7 – router TP Link WR841N with latest firmware and U24 f/w 2469) LAN Mode not WAN
    Still have problems not receiving wifi use with u remote, any ideas.
    Double checked router and getting wireess from it (and ethernet working, see below) but not from the rack, does any one have this running with a PC.
    What would I have to configure my router to get this working, or is it a fault with software remote.
    Ie…… do I have to give the router the specific IP or Mac codes of my rack unit ??
    Just to add ,the only way to get the wired (Ethernet) version working was by telling windows 7 to run in XP SP2 mode,very odd.
    Has every one else got these running, as would like some help……. thanks

    Marc Trainor

    I just bought a new Tablet by Lenovo, and I actually got it running once today, but never again. The settings tell me it’s connected, I typed in what looks to be the right info, but the software –U-remote only stays in demo mode. There’s gotta be some bugs in this software or something. What am I doing wrong. Do I need to do something with the software to set it up? I’m baffelled and bummed out. Marc Trainor.


    Hi Marc,

    That is on Windows or Android?
    If you go on the uTrack24 menu: settings / utilities / system details do you see the proper IP address?
    What is your firmware version on uTrack24?
    The uTrack24 and your lenovo tablet are on the same subnet?
    What is your network environment?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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