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    Every time I start uRemote it tells me the system time is out. I can set the uTrack-X32 to “Use System Time” via uRemote settings. But next time uRemote connects I have to do the same process.

    Is this normal, or is the uTrack-X32 suppose to get time from the board or have an internal battery?

    Thanks, Alan



    The uTrack-X32 has an internal ‘battery’ so once you set up that should last for several days weeks even if the card removed from the console.
    In your case that is possible the card has an issue with this battery.

    Gabriel A Pass

    Yes, I frequently have the same issue. Not a problem at all. But now that you mention it, I usually have my board unplugged for a week or more at a time since I use it for mobile recording.


    In my previous message I do not describe properly.
    The device has a super capacitor which provide power for the board for a limited time. So if you have the card removed from the console for a while that is normal if loses the time.


    Hi Laszlo,

    I just received & installed a uTrack-X32. After several tries, when I set the device time using “Use System Time” through uRemote (iMac & iPad) it works, I close the window and re-open “settings”, each time current date time is back to “2033 1 14 17 0 20”

    Should I send it back ?

    (Firmware version 2905)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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