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    Toby Craig

    Hi all,

    We’re experiencing the following problem:

    We have a standard cat6 / 1000mbps network system, with macs, behringer mixer and a digigrid system all connected. I recently added a utrack24 which is also connected over ethernet, but for some reason, it does not show up in any Uremote apps when the Digigrid hardware (Waves Server 1 & Behringer X32 Waves Card) is connected to the same network.

    When the Digigrid hardware is removed from the network, the utrack24 eventually shows up under the ipad app -only-. It can be a few mins before it shows up as well.

    The Network is a standard Netgear gigabit managed switch, with an Asus wireless router (with ethernet ports) as the main gateway. All other devices work on the network and when doing an IP scan from one of the connected computers, I can see the Utrack24. Almost all devices have their own manual IP (X32’s, Utrack, switch etc.).

    Any suggestions or experience with having digigrid on the same network as the utrack would be most appreciated.

    Are there any settings in the router or switch that can help the situation?

    Many thanks,


    Hi Toby,

    Thank you for your detailed feedback.
    We don’t know any similar issue and there’s no other user who report any similar issue with the connection.
    Are you sure all of the devices are having a proper IP address configuration? I mean are you sure there’s no conflict between devices?
    You said you have Netgear switch and Wifi router as well.
    Could you please check is the problem also happens if you connect the computer (running uRemote) directly to the switch? Can connect?
    How about if you are connect the same computer to the wifi router, using wired connection instead of wifi?
    I just would like to see some more details about this issue is this related to the switch, router, or the wifi connection.
    I am looking forward for your feedback.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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