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    Andrew Bojanic

    Hey guys,
    A little randomness with my setup.
    I am using the Utrack24 to play backing tracks for a band, and also have a midi file shooting program changes and midi events to the Fractal AxeFX3 for guitars.
    I noticed each time the STOP button was pressed when playing a track, the Fractal would switch off a channel assigned to Midi Controller Number 127.
    I reassigned this on the Fractal so it stopped doing it, but wondering if anyone knew why the Utrack24 would send this message out as it is not showing up in the original midi file, and if there is a chance to turn it off to stop sending the #127 message.


    Hi Andrew,

    Pushing the stop button during the playback the device will send out Decimal: 123 (Hexadecimal: 7B) [All notes off] command.
    The device does not send out 127 message.
    You can find more info about the midi commands here: https://www.midi.org/specifications-old/item/table-1-summary-of-midi-message

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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