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    Derek Chapman

    I usually use my uTrack24 for live playback, connecting via ADAT into my X32. Generally speaking, this is quite reliable save for ADAT dropping out once or twice.

    Can I take a set, normally destined for my uTrack24, but instead use the uTrack32 expansion card in my X32 and expect the set to run EXACTLY the same way using uTool as it currently does with my uTrack24. In short, I want all of the same set-building and playback facilities

    Quite simply, can I build a set in uTool, for my uTrack24, and then copy it to my uTrack32 and run it in the same fashion? How does the uTrack24 start/stop tracks, obviously you can no longer use the footswtich so does someone have to manually start the tracks from the X32 itself??

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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