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    Adam Rupp

    Need help figuring this out and if it’s possible. I’m trying to have the utrack24 trigger the all start/stop on the Boss RC-505 loop station via midi. I exported a click track that is the duration of a song as a .mid format 0 midi file. That plays along with some wav files in the utrack and the midi icon blinks while playing so I assume it’s working or at least sending midi info (though it blinks at odd times and not in click track metronome fashion).

    Then my Boss RC-505 looper has some tracks already loaded into it, same tempo, etc with midi settings:

    midi sync set to auto,
    assign 1 switch set to all start/stop,
    target to all start/stop.

    When I play the utrack though it does not start the loop station and I’m just trying to get them on the same clock. Am I not putting the right midi file in utrack? not sure what I need to do. Any try something like this?


    Hi, i use the utrack 24 in similay way, controlling a dmx unit. I have to send program change +1 to my unit to get it rigtht ( working in cubase) so program 1=pc2 and so on..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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