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    Peter Riese

    Hi there…

    I have to tell a big warning to users of the uTool.
    I have a folder on my harddrive, in which i put all recorded files of the rehearsal room. In this folder i have a few subfolders in which i sort my stuff, like the cymatic exports, lyrics etc. It growed to a 130GB size. Now i write in the uTool software the temp folder as this mainfolder because i thought everything (even the temp files) would resist in my main folder.

    And now here comes the warning! If you do so, with the next starting of the uTool it ERASE THE WHOLE FOLDER WITHOUT WARNING!!!!! Everything in this folder was lost. I loose 1 month of recorded reahearsals with a lot of ideas. Fortunatly I made a backup and could save some stuff, but the last copy i did killed a lot of stuff. I have no idea why there is no BIG WARNING plate to prevent such a mess.

    I have different software with temp folders, but nothing killed the content. And on a mac uTool neither put it in the dustbin nor tells a “Do you realy want to erase the folder” sign. It´s just gone!!!! I can´t understand that that is not mentioned as a big WARNING!.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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