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    Simon LindSimon Lind


    I’m creating a script to analyse the audio levels of all my exported tracks on the USB for Utrack24 (To avoid blowing up the speakers or if some tracks are too low without manually listening to all tracks). But noticed that it gets tricky when using more than 1 channel. With 1 channels it behaves just like a regular wav file but as soon as there are multiple channels the headers of the wav file doesn’t seem right. Is it possible to get a specification of the wav file format and wav headers you are using when the UTool exports to a (0001).wav file? Are there differences with 1 channel vs 3 or more channels? Like compression or something else?

    One issue I noticed was compressionCode was set to 65534 instead of 1, not sure what that means. I’m aware of my code might be faulty but at least it would be helpful to know if the files are standard wav or something else.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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