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    Ronald Kools


    We are using the LP16 for backingtracks (WAV) during live shows. Right now we are looking into using midi as well to control some animations. I have added a midi file in my DAW (Presonus Studio One 4) to every WAV, making it the same length and then save it as midi. Each midi has a startsignal, a stop signal and a next signal (to go to the next animation). So far so good.

    However, if I play the songs on the LP16, 6 songs do exactly as I expected but 3 songs only do the startsignal, the stop and next somehow dissappeared. The icons in the bottom right corner on the LP16 do not light up either. However, if I check the midi files the signals are there.

    Any clue what might be happening here? I have made all the midi files exactly the same way.

    Ronald Kools

    I think I can answer my own question: the clicktrack on the LP16 on some song is longer than the backingtracks, but apparently the player uses the shortest track length. So where my midi stop and next signals were are 6:15 next to a 6:16 clicktrack all seemed okay, but the backing track itself was only 6:14 thus placing the two remaining midi signals outside the scope of the songlength the LP16 uses.

    Sounds plausible?


    Hi Roland,

    Could you please make sure the firmware on your LP-16 updated to 83958 version and please also make sure you are using uTool v2.0.62 to create the content for your device.
    Is the problem still present with up to date software too?

    Ronald Kools

    I updated it to the last firmware about 2 months ago so that shouldn’t be the problem. However, I am not using the uTool, we just put the tracks on a – on the LP16 formatted – SD card.

    As an example, for one “problem song” are using 6 wav tracks + 1 midi track:

    7 – backing left 4:45
    8 – backing right 4:45
    9 – click drums 4:47
    10 – click vocals 4:47
    11 – click guitar 1 4:47
    12 – click guitar 2 4:47
    0 – song.mid

    In the song.mid we do a midi note at the start (to start the animation) and 2 at the end (1 note programmed to pauze the animation and 1 note to go to the next one). The midi file was 4:47 long.

    However, when I look at the LP16 with the card inserted, it says the length is 4:45. So I assume it will look for the shortest tracklength or the first tracklenght?

    I fixed it now by putting the last 2 notes at 4:44.9 and the works fine, but I am curious what the LP16 is using to determine the length so I can take this in account next time. 😉

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