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    Jason Bailey


    I’m not understanding how / what the uTrack records to USB. Is it creating a file on the USB media just of the mix of all tracks, or does it create a file for each of the tracks separately? Or both?

    Also, can I record a performance, then go back and remix that recorded performance as needed (for example, if I find one of the tracks is too loud). Or would I need to treat the uTrack as an audio interface to Abelton, for example, to accomplish this?

    Appreciate your time!


    Hello Jason,

    The uTrack24 uses multichannel wav file to record the audio.
    Each of the multitrack files are limited to 2GB size, and each of them are containing max 24 channels audio (depending on your recording parameters)
    You can use those files directly in your DAW or you can use the uTool to make standard mono wav files out of the multichannel wav files

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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