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    HI, I output my audio tracks from DAW at a 0.0/-03.00 dB level but the red leds on the uTrack 24 are quite always on!
    Is that a problem?
    Would this mean that the audio from the uTrack has a little bit of distortion?
    Which is the right/suggested audio output level from the DAW?
    Many thanks

    Ruud van Steenis

    I suppose the uTrack24 has a certain ‘safety margin’.
    (The leds lighting red at a couple of dB’s below clipping.)
    As long as you don’t hear distortion, I suppose this is not a real problem!

    John Hader

    I have taken to deamplify my daw tracks -3db prior to exporting them and that seems to tame them down a bit…then tonight I changed the setup to “post-fader” in the mixer section of the u24 and the levels dropped like a rock…I’ve had the u24 Analoged connected to a Behringer x32 for a couple of days so I’m still honeymooning.


    Hello John,

    Can you please verify the colors at 0dB and -3dB? can you feed some channels with 0 and some at -3dB?
    The uTrack24 uses amber colors at -3dB and red at 0dB

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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