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    i just bought a brand new LP 16.
    A good advice would be much appreciated.
    What drive should I buy?
    I mean, live Performance-wise , format 24*44.1.
    Would it be better to have a Few smaller ( 32 gb flash drives) with 1-2 backup copies to be on the safe side?
    As I understand, having read the posts , it is important that the usb drive should keep the speed of data transfer constant for long periods of time.
    Speaking of ssd , would new Samsung drives be prefferable? What would you suggest?

    Thank you for you answer, Rusty 🙂


    Hi Rusty,

    For playback purpose you can use any kind of drives which compatible with USB2.0 or higher.
    You don’t need to have any fancy drive. Even the USB2.0 drives perfectly enough (and it use less power then USB3.0)
    We have pretty good experiences for playback purpose with Sandisk Cruzer Fit; Verbatim Nano series


    Thank you.
    I followed your advice.
    So far it work ok.


    louie vincent

    USB flash drive is a great handy tool to take your data on the go however while buying a pen drive you shuold care about the reading and writing speed for maximum performance. The latest USB 3.0 thumb drives are great. Here is an article that should help you to decide Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drives


    Thanx for your advices, that you have posted here. It helped a lot!

    jennifer Troung

    yes u can buy USB2.0 drive.


    If you are using the device only for playback you don’t need to worry about the USB drive type.
    For recording we do recommend to use standard USB HDD, but for playback you can use a small USB stick too.
    We have a pretty good experiences with Sandisk Ultrafit and Sandisk Cuzerfit drives.

    Please make sure you have format the USB drives with your Cymatic device before you copy the content on the drive.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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