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    Cederick Forsberg

    As it is now, the song just stops when it has come to the end.

    Can it automatically switch to the next song, so the one handling (the drummer in this case) doesn’t have to press the “next song” down button?

    I know thats not a lot to do, but things CAN go wrong, and if it ended and just skipped to the next song automatically, the drummer only have to press “play” once the audience has calmed down and we’re ready for the next song.

    Would be a nice convienience, but I suppose we can work it out even as it is right now 🙂

    I aboslutely love the Live Player! Too bad we ‘re not going to play live until June, but I’m sure this will be a foolproof unit on stage!

    Great stuff Cymatic! B)

    /// Cederick, Blazon Stone


    Hi Cederick,

    You can try to create a multitrack playlist with the uTool with start option of “wait for button press” between songs. When you load the playlist, after one song is over, it pre-loads the next song and waits until the play button is pressed.

    Cederick Forsberg

    Hmmm… As far as I can see, all my songs HAVE the “wait for button press” checked.
    But the songs just stops and does NOT change to the next song when it has reached the end.



    Hi Cederick,

    Once you start the LP-16, you have to manually load the playlist from the browser button.

    Cederick Forsberg

    THANKS! I missed that. Still quite a noob with this unit. 😀

    But once I got that sorted out, this unit ROCKS!!!!

    I love it so much. It makes everything easier and fun.


    Any progress on Wait for Timer “0” seconds change? I’m unable to overwrite that “0” from the very start I bought LP16 (started a thread here), but no solution found. Have to use switch everytime.
    Richard, Czech Rep.


    O.K. I found a solution right now:
    1. right click in the field with “0”, select delete, “0” disappears
    2. in Notepad I white with keyboard e.g. 3 and Copy
    3. right click in uTool2 empty field a slect Paste and Apply.

    Voila, that new Wait for Timer “3” seconds works.
    Happy me.

    Could you do something about it?


    Hi Richard,

    I just checked it and realized that the cursor is not shown when you try to click the “0” seconds. But in fact it is there. You can use the delete or backspace key and then type in the new time you want and press enter.
    I will inform the developers about this display related problem.

    Please remember to use the latest version of uTool when you are working.


    Thank you for the reply.
    I’m using the current version of uTool.
    No – neither Delete or Backspece will erase “0” in the box, keyboard doesn’t work there (no erasing, no writing down) no matter what I do. Only right click and delete/paste works.
    I don’t know what is wrong, but since I found the solution I described above, I do not really care.
    Best regards, Rich.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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