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    John C Moon

    I want to record onto USB HD with the utrack24 rack, then use a Behringer x32 series desk with a uTrack x32 card with same USB HD hopfully installed to playback and mix to CDR.Is this possible/compatible or do i have to use a pc to “explode” the stems back to the PC HD which is a faff. I could use analog outs from Utrack to xlr ins on desk but another faff in this modern age, Any ideas would be welcome, before I buy a X32
    or can I link via USB/Ethernet ports ??


    Hi John,

    The uTrack24 contents (songs and recordings) are compatible with uTrack-X32 directly. No need to change anything just simply connect the drive.
    But the uTrack-X32 contents aren’t compatible with uTrack24 (because of the higher channel count) to solve this you need to import your uTrack-X32 recordings to the computer, and create a 24 channels content for uTrack24.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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