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    Hello Laszo
    I’m curious if there still will be software updates and development on the X32 uTrack card and the uRemote interface, now the Behringer X-live is on the market.

    I had the opportunity to play around whit the X-live, and I must say it is great that the interface is on the x32. And have the use off the usb port and record in the same time to SD. And the most important it is possible to select 8, 16 and 32 tracks to record, it is a shame that the not also make 24 tracks.
    With this option you safe a lot of record space, when you only need record like 16 channels.

    Now I have in all my 4 mixers uTrack cards, on this moment I have not the idea to make the change over to the x-live. Because the card is not that expensive but the need expensive SD cards. Also, to copy the tracks from the card to a HD take a long (coffee) time.

    But the option to select the amount off record tracks is great, So I hope that Cymatic will still invest in development and make updates for the uTrack card and uRemote.

    And I hope that the also see that it will be a great option to make it possible to record only the tracks you need. This will be a great benefit

    Greetings Peter.
    Sorry for my bad English but I’m from Holland


    Hi Peter,

    Well using SD cards it is important to have option to reduce the channel count because of the SD card size/price/performance.
    By using standard USB drives on uTrack-X32 relatively cheap to have 1TB drive where you can record much more hours than a relatively big SD card even if you the device all the time records 32channels.

    Thank you for your input.

    Peter Halassek

    Hi Laszlo,
    I’d also appreciate not having to record always 32 channels, but being able select which ones should be recorded. That way postprocessing gets much easier and i don’t waste space on my NAS, which adds up over time.

    So a +1 for the possibility to select which channels should be recorded.
    Also a meter on the app would be great to see which channels have actual signal coming to them (like seen on the demo…).



    I’ll add your email as feature request.
    The meters and mixer in demo mode available on uTrack24 only, please take a look at the uRemote page: https://cymaticaudio.com/uremote/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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