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    Thanks. That is very comforting to know. 🙂


    Thx, good to hear. I’ve got mine now. Still playing with it. Must say sound quality is great!



    He Gerhard,
    Seems that US deliveries are a bit slower then over there with you (EU I suppose?)
    What can you tell us about your first impressions, experiences so far?
    Eager to learn more from you!


    By the way, as I understand it, the UTRACKX32 announces itself to X32 as a standard Behringer card. Can you confirm that Gerhard?
    Because if that is the case, it would indeed imply longevity for the compatibility 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Hi there indeed overhere in Europe (netherlands) the card is available right now. In the short period of time i have made one 16 track recording. In the beginning i had some difficulties but that was an operator mistake :blush: Read carefully the owner manual for Uremote and Utool. The card itself is simple, remove the XUF card and than slide in the Utrack32 as simple as that. Start your x32 or m32 and the card shows itself as the uf or xuf light is green immediately. Than i connected it to my router, the card is right away on the IPad, asks for a removable drive. Than the important thing format your drive on the uTrack card!!! It recognizes the the drive and you are ready to go. Push the record button give the song or the complete show and go. I also imported a few wave tracks from my harddisk both takes sound really great. When you import/expert tracks you can normalize them, for me the problem was that some
    tracks on low volume disappeared at low volume, they are back when the volume increases. To me it looks it’s a little harsh. Virtual soundcheck works great, the drummer almost freaked out when he heard his kit :). When you want to know something, just to ask.

    Greetz Gerhard


    So it seems to operate as simple as our Cymatics advertise then eh?
    In regards to the formatting, I recognize the same thing from uTrack24. uTrack seems to do something within the FAT32 formatting that optimizes the media for recording. (probably cluster sizes or something)
    So the fact that you need to format the media on the uTRack comes as no suprise to me.

    But what did you mean by tracks disappeared at low volume? uTrack should not be able to do anything else than simply record or play back the data?

    And the drummer freaked out as he now finally heard the torture he has been spreading?? 🙂


    Yes, you are right the Cymatic devices use 64k cluster size during formatting, that’s provide better recording/playback performance.


    Thx for clearing that up Laszlo.
    By the way, was just reading this thread on ProSoundWeb on first real life experiences with utrack x32

    Holger Schwanbeck

    Wow, you are fast FOH. Do you live on ProSoundWEb?? 😆 😆

    Yes, that was me. I noticed that there where quite a few misunderstandings in the thread on ProSoundWeb and I just wanted to share my first experiences with utrack with my post

    Hope it can clear up some of the questions.

    Meanwhile, I really hope that Cymatic Audio does improve utool quickly. It does the job indeed, but is definitely not userfriendly!


    Holger Schwanbeck

    and while am am at it, let me insert that my experiences here as well….

    Hello All,
    Having followed this thread, I also had doubts, as there seem to be many different opinions on this utrack card.
    Did however decide to take the plunch as my regular band was pushing me to record many gigs as they want to collect live material for a CD.
    I opted for the utrack as I am a one-man tech-crew for this band doing setup/FOH/Monitor/teardown, and I needed this additional job as simple as possible with as little as possible additional hassle. So I got mine delivered from Thomann last week.

    First of all, have to say that installing the utrack in the x32 was a breeze and I was making the first recording within minutes.
    From that perspective, the card seems to do exactly as advertised; you connect a drive, and push the rec button.
    During this first recording I did however get dropouts on my brandnew 500gb seagate disk as utrack needs to formatthe usb drive itself for optimal performance. So once I did that, the further recordings when flawlessly.
    For the first 2 gigs, I did not even bother to connect network and tablets. Just connected the usb drive and pushed the rec button, and went on to continue with FOH/monitor mixing.

    On 3rd gig I hooked up the uremote software, as I used utrack in the soundcheck, playing back the earlier 2 gigs. That worked flawlessly and you should have seen the faces of the band when they came in and heard themselves playing! 🙂
    So the virtual soundcheck indeed is a very nice feature that I am going to use more often in the future.
    However for recording only, uremote does not bring any further functinoaly to the recording process besides remote control and it is yet another distraction from my main job of mixing the band. So for my particular use, I will not use uremote for the recording process as I like to keep it as simple as possible.

    Next day I then took the drive, installed the uTool sw on my pc.
    This utool really requires some getting used to and is not as intuitive as you would expect. Nevertheless, once I got the hang of it, it transferred the recordings flawlessly on to my internal computer disks.
    During this proces, the utook creates neat directories with mono wav files for each recording.
    As I made a backup of the recordings before converting the files with utool, I did notice that the copy process with utool went faster than normal copying. This even though utool is converting the files to mono wavs. Not sure how they do that, but it is a nice little bonus because every little help counts when copying 85gb of data.
    Both ProTools and Cubase imported the mono wav files without any problem.

    Now the real bummer: At the last gig, I did not stop the recording immediately after the show (silly me…) and the x32 was cut off from power before I could stop recording. You probably can imagine my fears when I connected the drive to my laptop to check the recordings later that night, and I can’t tell you what a relieve it was to find that no harm was done to the recordings! All the recordings where there and utool converted them as expected.
    As it turns out that utrack actually makes a new file every 10 min or so. So if something stupid happens (like a power cut in my case….) the worst that can happen is loosing the last minutes of your recording. The rest remains unaltered. I can’t tell you how relieved I was and if this is the reason that cymatic choose the different format, I gladly take the conversion into account!

    Another interesting experience with the native files from utrtack is that I noticed that cubase can actually read the native file format from the utrack card! By simply dragging an original utrack file into Cubase, Cubase was able to extract the recording neatly into 24 seperate channels itself! I was not able to find any documentation on that topic anywhere so far, but I can confirm that it works!

    So after 3 gigs and having recorded now well over 10 hours of material, my experience with the utrack card so far is that it does exactly what it says. No bells and whistles whatsoever, but solid recording and playback of 32 channels.
    The option to do virtual soundcheck is also nice.
    I will continue to record gigs over the coming weeks and will share my experiences on this forum.


    menrath andreas

    1. Festplatte mit Fat32Formatter in Fat32 formatieren
    a. Haken bei Quick Format entfernen
    b. Volume Label: Rack32
    c. ca. 1h Zeit einplanen
    2. Nachdem die Formatierung am Rechner abgeschlossen ist, Festplatte an uTrack-X32 Karte anschließen
    Statuslicht müsste nun abwechselnd gelb-grün blinken
    3. uTrack-X32 App am Handy öffnen
    a. Häuschen –> Settings
    b. Format USB drive –> Start (vor dem Klick steht noch nicht “Successful!”)
    In der App erscheint eine “Successful”-Meldung mit Haken
    Statuslicht müsste nun dauerhaft grün leuchten

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