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    Hi, i have recorded some Tracks from my band, some Tracks are mono Inputs (from mic or git) other are Stereo inputs (e.g. Keyboard).
    After Recording i change the routing to assign card 1-8 to Input 1-8 and Card 9-16 to Input 9-16.?
    When playing back the recording in the x32 i now have a Strange effect:
    Stereo Channels sound OK, but mono channels only appear on either left Ort right Channel, not centered. Looks like odd numbers are always left, even channels in the right, no matter how i set the pan for the channels.
    I was expecting that the Channel settings will be the same as the originally recorded one.
    Furthermore it appears that the channel faders have no impact during playback. Is the playback Signal inserted post-fader?

    This makes virtual soundcheck difficult.
    Does anyone have an idea what might be wrong?


    Hi mhubo,

    The uTrack-X32 records to mono wav file all the time the recording does no contain any pan information as the signal recorded post-gain; pre-fader.
    Please double check the channel settings on the console like linked channels and pan etc.
    Do you have a same problem on the same channel where you change the routing eg card 1-8 to input 25-32?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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