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    Luc De Backer

    Hi all,

    I’m really happy with the quality of recordings but there is something I can’t get my head around.

    So the uTrack can and will only record the 32 input channels, no aux in and def not the x32 usb recorder playback.
    I managed to get the routing setup in a way my channels 15 and 16 are now the faders, with complete channel strip, controlling the usb recorder playback. In the total meters overview I can clearly see these channels are lit.
    The funny, well not so funny, thing is that these channels are not being recorded with the uTrack for some reason.
    It’s crazy and can’t figure it out. Plugging in a mic in those channels and putting signal on these channels is getting recorded.
    From the boards perspective I can’t see a difference but clearly the uTrack does.

    Hope someone from product development can shed a light on this one.

    Thanks in advance.
    Regards, Luc


    Hi LuDia,

    The uTrack-X32 can record/playback to and from various inputs and outputs. For example, to record from the X32/M32 console’s analog inputs, in the 32’s “Routing”/”Card Out” menu, select “Expansion card outputs 1-8” to “local 1-8”, and so on. This is the menu where the user can select what goes out to the X32/M32’s card slot inputs for recording.
    One example for playback to local analog inputs on the console “Routing”/”Home”, here need to select the “input 1-8” to “card 1-8”

    Any other channels with the same routing recorded properly only the CH15-16 missing?

    Luc De Backer

    Hi Laszlo,

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m almost certain I did it correctly but now you make me doubt myself :woohoo:
    Within a couple of hours I should receive a new s32 and will gIve it another shot to see if I can make it work.

    In any case. I had all the 8 block in and outs configured during recording and playback in the exact same way where the signals ( my wife singing) on channel 1 were recorded and could be played back perfectly fine while the signals from 15 and 16 did not. I have the feeling, and of course I could be completely wrong with this, that the signal path routed to the card is done before the routing I did to get the signal for x32 usb recorder playback into the input of 15 and 16.

    But as you mention, it should be possible to record from various in’s and out’s, I might be able to take the aux block of 8 entirely routed to the card and the left over 24 to the locals in, which will be perfect for my use case if this works. I’ll let out know asap because this is something I did not try yet.

    Thanks again

    Luc De Backer

    Hi Laszlo,

    Yeah, I got it working now but in a particular way I must say.
    What I had to do is two of my free outputs giving the source signal of the usb recorder and assign that out to the card. There seems no way possible to have the routed usb recorder to inputs whatever getting recorded. Actually this is not so bad at all due to the fact my mono (used for the 15″ sub) and the main stereo out all sitting on 14,15 and 16 are being recorded now as well which is now giving me the separate and summed channels recorded.

    Not bad at all B)

    Regards, Luc

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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