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    my utrax-x32 (FW-V5000) recordings clip and crack extremely with the v4.
    if I go back to v3.12 there are no problems.
    Any ideas?

    Slawek Salmanowicz

    I have this problem too. I think Cymatic X32 is ending support for this product.
    It’s no use!
    It is a pity, because I bought it a two monts ago and it turns out that the product is no longer supported.

    Arnaldo Lopez

    Yep,… there you go. Had fun for a few months and now it’s useless… Going to remove the cart RIGHT NOW! Thank you Cymatic, I will NEVER buy any product from you again!

    Frank K.

    Dear Cymatic-team, would it be possible to fix the problems with v4? Thanks in advance!

    Slawek Salmanowicz

    Dear Cymatic, can you made new drivers, it’s good card. I can’t understand why you disable support.

    Vladimir Pechenyy

    Any chance you can provide a fw version update. Please has this card for only a few months. Thank you


    Hi, i’ve done the update of the x32 to 4.01 and there are no clicks. I think there was a problem with the x32 FW. Best regards Ingmar

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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