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    Andre BecherBecher

    my utrax-x32 (FW-V5000) recordings clip and crack extremely with the v4.
    if I go back to v3.12 there are no problems.
    Any ideas?

    Slawek SalmanowiczSlawek Salmanowicz

    I have this problem too. I think Cymatic X32 is ending support for this product.
    It’s no use!
    It is a pity, because I bought it a two monts ago and it turns out that the product is no longer supported.

    Arnaldo LopezArnaldo Lopez

    Yep,… there you go. Had fun for a few months and now it’s useless… Going to remove the cart RIGHT NOW! Thank you Cymatic, I will NEVER buy any product from you again!

    Frank K.Frank K.

    Dear Cymatic-team, would it be possible to fix the problems with v4? Thanks in advance!

    Slawek SalmanowiczSlawek Salmanowicz

    Dear Cymatic, can you made new drivers, it’s good card. I can’t understand why you disable support.

    Vladimir PechenyyVladimir Pechenyy

    Any chance you can provide a fw version update. Please has this card for only a few months. Thank you


    Hi, i’ve done the update of the x32 to 4.01 and there are no clicks. I think there was a problem with the x32 FW. Best regards Ingmar

    Andre BecherBecher

    Hello, with the current FW 4.06 the problem occurs again.
    There is a note from Behringer in the Music Tribe – Forum “sorry, but this is a software bug in the Cymatic Audio software. We have never supported this third party product. You need to contact Cymatic Audio, report the problem and ask them for a software fix.”

    Now my question, can we still expect a firmware update for the uTrack-X32?

    Bert ErdmannBert Erdmann

    I have the same exact problem;
    after updating to FW 4.06 the u-Track-X32 distorts heavily.
    After contacting the MusicTribe support, I’ve received the same statement as well, that the Cymatic Audio software bug is causing this problem.

    To me it is completely unexaptable that Cymatic is not taking care of their customers. This issue apparently has been known for quite a while. Add just by discontinuing the product and no longer producing and selling it does NOT mean that the support can or should be discontinued!
    We are not talking about new features that are not supported but a bug in the u-Track-X32 software/firmware which is causing this problem.
    I believe that we, the Cymatic customers and users of the u-Track X32 card are somewhat entitled to receive proper support for the product. Rendering the product entirely useless is NOT an option, unless Cymatic is offering to buy the card back or offering an alternative solution.

    I would be very grateful if Cymatic would understand the seriousness of this issue and would look into this issue and take care of their customers.


    Laszlo .Laszlo

    Hello Guys,

    We have discontinued the card more then two years ago, in the last two yeard we were provided support for the product. Now the Behringer changed something in their firmware without noticing us about the change. As no active development going on a discontinued product it would be difficult to catch up with changes what behringer does in the background…
    We are really soory for the inconviences which is made by a new firmeare change on the Behringer side

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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