Remote control / viewing application for uTrack24

uRemote elevates your uTrack to the next level of utility. Physically place your hardware where your gig requires and control/monitor all functions from anywhere within Wi-Fi range, all from the comfort of the iPhone, iPad, Android device or laptop/desktop computer you already own.

Where to use

Although the recording operations of the uTrack can be operated easily from its own panel controls, uRemote makes it even easier to take advantage of its capabilities, due to the larger color interface, as well as the ability to wirelessly separate the controls from the hardware itself.

Remote Placement of Hardware

In most situations, the uTrack will be used to record a live concert, and will be physically placed in a cramped and crowded environment. Placement of the hardware may be less than ideal, making it difficult to work with the panel controls.

By using uRemote to wirelessly control any and all functions of your uTrack, you can now comfortably interact with your unit, from anywhere in the venue within the range of your Wi-Fi reception.

Stage Playback

Another popular use for the uTrack is to provide live, multi-track pre-recorded material for stage accompaniment. uRemote gives you the capability to load previously recorded multi-track material and play it back into the inputs of your console.

  • uRemote software allows remote control / viewing of all uTrack operations
  • Operates on Android, iPad, iPhone, OS X and Windows
  • Control your uTrack anywhere within WIFI range
  • Home screen displays all recording/playback information at a glance
  • Full transport controls and playback bar available at all times on all screens
  • Playback bar allows instant navigation to any time or marker location
  • One-touch markers list displays all recorded markers with exact time locations
  • One button loop control allow creation of loop in/out points & loop playback
  • File browser allows quick and easy navigation of files on attached USB hard drive
  • Connects wirelessly using standard off-the shelf Wi-Fi router
  • Allows control of multiple uTracks units on network
  • instant access to playlist songs and all parameters during performance
  • Playlist home screen optimized for comprehensive playlist display & control
  • Analog-style mixer screen allows easy adjustment of monitor mixer settings
  • Dedicated full screen metering page: 24 full screen meters
Windows: Windows® 7 / 8 / 8.1, 32 or 64 bit system

OS X: Apple OSX 10.9.5 and higher

iOS: iOS 7 and higher (iPhone / iPad)

Android: 2.3 or above

uTrack firmware:  version 2469 or higher

uRemote contains a unique, custom layout optimized for whichever platform you run it on.

For example:
• OS X or Windows laptop/desktop: The interface is optimized for a larger computer screen and mouse-driven operation
• iPhone: The interface is optimized for a smaller, phone-sized screen and touch operation
• iPad: The interface is optimized for larger, tablet-sized screen, and touch operation

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