Aron Bacs


I want to buy a few uTrack 24’s for a cool new project, however I have some questions since it is a unique use of the device. I would like to use it as a data recorder of sorts, but more on that later.

[b]These are very important questions (to me) that need to get answered PLEASE !
First About me:
I am a Electronics Design Engineer (since 1984). I have built custom audio and data recorders since 1985 using tape decks (Otari, Tascam, Fostex, Ampex, etc.) and also newer systems like ADAT, HD24, as well as designing and building custom PCM and AES/EBU systems… So I am very technically capable and I think this product could fill a need in a new AND an existing market. And so I want to buy a few to try…

I need to know if the outputs and / or inputs are directly coupled to the DACs or are they AC coupled ? Meaning is the frequency response down to DC up to say 20KHz or is it AC coupled 20Hz to 20KHz ?

I realize the outputs are differential / balanced (like most of my systems were as well) however it mentions nothing about the output (or input) electrical path, just the frequency specs. Note that a few systems similar to this one have direct DC coupled balanced outputs (8VRMS, etc.), however yours has the number of channels I require (18 min) as well as acting as a USB interface, and a stand alone playback unit. WOW !!!

Can I get a circuit diagram of the Output and Input signal path please as well. I will sign non-disclosure documents.

Also, is the data recorded and played back without going thru some type of high pass (20Hz) filter ?

Given the proper documentation I could also bypass the input and output capacitors to make my system work, which is what I used to do years ago.

[i]Thank you for your quick response, I look forward working with your uTrack 24 ASAP !!!