Miha Gorse

For the last few months I’m trying to find a way that the backing tracks could be triggered by a drum pad.
Currently we’re using the footswitch input connected to a roland drum pad (TR->xlr->TRS). Within the xlr connector (hidden inside) we integrated a little passive module so the connection works and the uTrack starts playing on drum pad strike but the strike on the pad must be really strong. We are currently working on a (powered) device that would enable to adjust the needed strenght of the strike on the drum pad.
We use the uTrack24 only for playing backing tracks. They are sometimes triggered on cue with no pre-count.
With 16bit/44.1kHz files it works flawlessly. Tracks in 24bit have some latency.

Maybe it would be a good thing to consider some kind of a piezzo on uTrack24, that triggering “Play” would be easier and adjustable regarding to drum pad and the strike force. Footswitch is a nice feature of course but triggerin on cue (for a drummer) is really hard.

If anyone has some idea how to make this work I would be happy to hear from you.