jean dominique Nogier


I noticed that when we did multiple different recordings (25-30 tracks or more), there is a big slowdown and lag between the time you press the record button on Uremote and the moment when the recording starts ( it quickly takes 5-6 seconds).
In these cases, I move the files on the disk in the recording directory /MultiTrack to another folder and everything returns fast.
But this need a computer, and it means you can not read old records from the application.

Secondly, I strongly regret the possibility of reducing the number of channels on Uremote to record only 4 or 8 or 16 tracks instead of 32.

Finally, it is not possible to change the routing of a single channel in the config of the track on the console?

if I have for example in my page routing “Local 1-8” on “inputs 1-8” but in my config channel 3 I have selected “Source : In-12”, it does not record the In-12 but the In-3.

This does not take into account the changing entries in the config channel?