I purchased a LR16, and I did some tests with several USB drives, but I must say the LR seems to be a bit picky…
I initially wanted to use a Verbatim SSD 128GB SSD fully USB2 compliant, no drives needed, but it fails or even crashed in the LR tests. (on the Mac it does 24 tracks 24 bit with buffer 32 samples without a problem disk load is only 21% in Pro Tools)
Then I tried some other ‘normal’ (spinning) 2,5″ self powered HD”s, but none wanted to work in self powered mode. Then I got a classic 3,5″ USB drive with power supply and that worked really well. But, the LR16 is not for nothing called ‘Live Recorder’ and in general it is not advisable to use ‘spinning’ disks in loud venues, because of the low frequency vibrations they often start performing very slow. This is why I wanted to use an SSD.
And the whole idea of the LR16 is that you do not need to carry a lot of stuff around, and a HD with power supply not ideal.

I tried a powered USB hub to power the SSD and other self powered drives to see if they would work, but no luck either.

With a SanDisk USB pendrive it works fine, but unfortunately only in 16 bit, while especially for live recording with minimal metering I would prefer 24 bit because of bigger possible headroom.

Unfortunately Cymatic is a bit vague about the power that is delivered to the USB, so it is difficult to go find a drive that will work without a power supply.

Why am I writing this?
– To warn others that the Verbatim 47622 128GB does not work with the LR16
– to see if anybody found a self powered SSD or pen drive that can record 16 tracks in 24 bit
– to see if Cymatic or anyone else has some suggestions… and can tell me what the max current is, is it 500mA? or less?

Any tips are welcome,

All the best,