Tony Hillhouse


Trying to update firmware. Web app connects to IP fine, but never gets to the 2nd screen where I can bring the file over. Just restarts, and re-displays the message: “Click here to start the update firmware process”. I am thinking the problem is, below the BCD info is the following: “No version information”. In the Utilities menu, it states the firmware as 1614911787, instead of a four-digit number (less than 2136).

So, I d/l’d the Windows drivers, I’m on 64 bit, launch the application, use ‘open’ to browse to the file, and when I click ‘Update’, it reboots the U24, then states ‘Error 0x1f: Failed to download’.

Any ideas? Seems to me it’s not displaying the correct version of the firmware. So, I really have no idea how old the f/w is on my machine.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.