I’ve ordered the uTrack24 and will probably get it next monday. So I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet
I will use it ONLY for playback purpuase (backingtracks) in live shows and I’m looking for the fastest and most reliable usb drive.
I will have about 200 songs with 24 tracks and midi file associated for every song (for program changes and light show control).
Are USB 3.0 drives compatible? Which is a reliable read speed to avoid any problems? Is 130 MB/s speed enough or do I need fastest 240 MB/s?

And I know this is a dummy question:
I will use analog outputs for now (in the future probably I will use a digital madi output card) connected to a Soundcraft SI Expression 1 console that works at internally sample rate of 48 kHz. Do I need to export all the tracks to 48 kHz (24 bit) and set the uTrack24 to work at that sample rate or can I use 44.1 kHz equally?
Many thanks