Seneca St James

So I have the Zoom F8 and Utrack24 as my main workhorse recording devices. U24 obviously has a leg up on track count (although the new Zoom L20R gets close), but there are some additional features that would make it much more user friendly for field recording and monitoring.

1. Stereo Pairs – Ability to link channel into stereo pairs. A single fader would control the stereo balance, levels, mute/solo for channel 1/2 stereo pair (for example). Ideally the files would be saved as pairs too if selected.

2. Trim levels – Sometimes I don’t always have ability to adjust levels, and often times levels are line-level. Would there be a way to have adjustable gain on inputs?

3. Master fader – For the monitor mix, it would be nice to have a single master fader to adjust overall volume without having to adjust the levels on all the tracks, or the physical headphone knob.

Any chance these could be built into future versions?