Jesse Cole

Hello Cymatic and Cymatic users,

I’m having some trouble with uTool2. I have exported tracks from my DAW into folders to be used for the purpose of creating new multitrack songs in uTool… but when I open those song folders in the multitrack editor, the audio tracks do not appear, i.e. the song folders I created do not show any wav files within them. Therefore, my files are not available to be dragged/dropped into the right-side panel of the editor. My song folders themselves DO appear in the left-side panel, it’s just the tracks inside of them that don’t appear. When I examine the song folders on my hard drive, the audio tracks are in there, so the DAW did export them into their proper folders, but uTool just doesn’t seem to recognize that they’re there. I have done this entire process successfully on my older computer, so I think I did everything correctly, but I can’t seem to figure out why this is a problem on my new machine.

Can anyone offer some guidance?

I am running Windows 10 with uTool2; the audio was exported as separate tracks from Cubase v. 10.