David Chesavage

So I just took delivery of my uTrack24 last week. I updated the firmware to version 2469 which is the latest version on the website. I have a 1TB WD My Passport drive, which is a USB-bus powered USB3 drive. On the bench I recorded for two hours straight with no dropouts reported. I brought it to a gig last night, and reformatted the drive using the uTrack24 menu. Every few songs I hit ‘record’ to start a new “Take” (i.e. to break up the live set into smaller chunks). Most of the takes have lots and lots of dropouts, and for the night I probably had 150 or more dropouts reported. I just started playing with the first track in Logic Pro, and indeed there are weird gaps in the audio data. This was at 24 bit / 44.1 kHz.

From what I’ve read, this drive seems like it would have been an ideal candidate for the uTrack24. Is there a known-good drive brand and model that you can recommend that I buy?