Toby Craig

Hi all,

I recently purchased a uTrack24 with the MADI card option as well as a MADI card for my Behringer X32 mixer.

For some reason, the utrack24 won’t do any of the following:

-Won’t work at all with MADI optical cables – only Coax seems to work
-Won’t slave to the X32 clock
-Won’t ouput audio when the utrack24’s clock is set to Internal.

Does anyone have any experience with connecting the utrack24 to an x32 via MADI?

It should be noted that my X32 is set to get it’s clock from another X32 which it plugs into (FOH). The sync lights are all on and both X32’s are working, I’m just getting no signal from the utrack24.

I did manage to get some signal, intermittently, but now I get no signal at all.

Many thanks,