I use the LP16 since a few months, both as standalone and as a soundcard, and I have just bought a second one.
So I can say that I like it 😉

But there is also room for some improvements that will optimize or extend their capabilities a lot.
Here is a list of whishes, and I hope that some of them will be feazible.

Multichannel files.
Actually, the LP16 needs multiple separate files to play in multichannel.
It will be nice to support also multichannel interleaved files, that will be both easier (at least for me) to organize and also faster to read from slow USB drives.

Random order playlist.
Actually, unless I am mistaken, only stereo files can be played in random order.
Perhaps that if you support multichannel files, it will be easier to support also this mode for them ?

Two devices on one computer.
I know that actually only one unit can be used (and I have verified !).
Could this limit be removed some day ? Even is there is no way to synchronize them, it will be extremely useful to be able to run 2 (or more ?) LP-16 in one computer like with other USB soundcards.

MIDI sync.
Could it be possible to think of a way to synchronize two units in standalone mode with MIDI ?
Or at least to send transport controls from one to another ?

18 outputs in standalone.
Actually, the phone outputs are only available in interface mode.
Could they be also available in standalone or is there something that makes it impossible ?

Thanks a lot for this wonderful product, and I hope to be able to work on some of theses requests.