I need some help, i have update my utrack-x32 card from firmware 28xx ( don’t rember exact no) to 2905.
Now it looks like that i lost more conection with my iPad. When i move the slider then i lost some time the conection
Or i hit the rev forward buttons, then this happend., when i do nothing i lost it. On that moment i close uremote and start again it works again fine.if it happen again i stop start uremote ever time.and it runs. This happens as standalone and also when i run x32mix in the background is not a workbale for me….also when i switch over between some page like x32mix i lost my conection,

And after the update i don’t see in the info tab (right corner) no card info like firmware and type, i only see the track info. This happend the hole time. In the old version, a have 28xx or sometimes 1234

Update 10:00 i make a test whit my iPad and Android at the same time the iPad stopt the conection and Android is still running. I see one time the Android lost conection but restore the conection automatic this happens only one time.

On the photo 1 left Android right iPad here is the conection lost, see both time

Peter Visscher
Sorry for my bad englisch, im from Holland