Hi there

I have an important recording gig on Sunday 14th Jan (this Sunday) I have just purchased the U-track X32 as won’t to be 100% sure the recording is full proof, sometimes when I use a laptop it can crash or freeze when large numbers of audio are being recorded.

I have installed the card as per the instructions. I have updated the firmware on Behringer X32 to latest version. My card outputs are set to local which is where my microphones are plugged into the desk. I have formatted my Glyph USB disk drive and its showing a solid green light on the U-Track X32. I hit record and to test have about 4 microphones going into different inputs on the mixing desk. When I stop record and plug the hardrive into my computer only channel 1 is being recorded showing one WAV file and no others?

I have plugged the interface straight into my laptop and opened logic to check this is working and its showing signal on all inputs that I have microphones corresponding from the Behringer X32 desk. Please help I have to have this up and running by Friday before the gig on Sunday and thought this would be very straight forward. I own a U-Track 24 and have never had any problems.