alan russell

UTrack 24

I’m getting a click across various outputs when pressing play to start next song in Playlist.

The clicks are consistent on each song but unique to the songs themselves.
ie. They happen in the same configuration every time.
eg. Song 1 always clicks on outputs 1 & 2 , Song 2 always clicks on Output 4 etc..

The click appears across several channels simultaneously and can be heard on DSub, Headphone and ADAT outputs, generally between -30 to -50db.
Just one click across several channels at the same time.

It only occurs on starting the song.. just once as play is pressed.
Using a play pedal produces the same result.

Clicks don’t occur when starting from the Multitrack Songs Folder, or in the UTool mixer.
Only when the songs are queue’d and played from a Playlist in the device itself.

Rearranging the Playlist does not fix it. Clicks remain the same.
Removing the ADAT card does not fix it.
Switching to Play Only mode does not fix it.

All songs are 44.1kHz / 24bit and recorded via ADAT inputs with ADAT clock input.

Firmware 4218

In a large PA this is very noticeable.

Anyone else having this issue?