Jeandre Viljoen


So I recently bought a LP-16 to use for a live band setting, some channels running backtracks while other channels are running click and reference tracks.

And after going through it and testing everything, it seems as if there is no function to just skip to the next track in the playlist.
I’ve read the user manual and checked online and it says the skip forward and backwards button only let you offset the start time in a song, and apparently does not actually let you skip a track forward and backwards.

Am I just missing something? is it as simple as flipping an option somewhere that I couldn’t find?

We rely heavily on being able to quickly skip to the next track or even back a few tracks in some cases, so this is actually quite an urgent matter.
All the players and apps we’ve used before had this sort of workflow so we figured the LP-16 would be the same.

So am I just being silly?

Does and older firmware maybe support this option?

Is this something that could come in a firmware update very soon? (Id suggest either putting in an option to turn this feature on and off, and even keeping the workflow the same, just make it so that one press skips the song and press and hold scrubs through it to set the start offset. (The same way almost all media players work))

Thanks in advance.