So I have all of my songs loaded up and playing great and working in a playlist on my LP16…but…I need to adjust the bass guitar on some tracks because they are hot and it drives our sound tech nuts having to ride the front of house mixer fader. So I go in and use the UTool mixer on my first attempt and I’ve tried every which way I can see to save it so when I put the flash back in the LP16 it will have the volume lowered but not one time has this worked.
My process I thought would work is flash drive in PC then click on mixer redo volume down to like -24 -16 or something re export. If not please write clear step by step instruction because I guess I aint getting the manual. :blink: :silly:

PLEASE HELP WE HAVE A SHOW COMING UP with a large sound company at a big concert and I don’t want this to be an issue for them, they will likely turn it down and leave us sounding bass-less. What am I doing wrong??? :S :pinch: