Terrence Healy

Normally USB Drives can allow drop outs because the data overruns the Buffer, that is why it is recommended not to use USB Drives. a 7200 2.5 Inch Seagate drive in a USB Enclosure works good.
If you want to get really Serious, you can buy an External Drive Enclosure that has a Raid Controller in it. If it is Scuzzi, you can put in 7200, 10k and 15K drives and run 4 drives Raid five with a Hot Spare for fail over, Or even Run it Raid 10 with Four Drives and a Hotspare. Imagine 5 15k drives in Raid 10, that is the fastest used in Computer Servers. Probably not Needed. There are Sata drives Enclosures that using Sata 3 it pretty fast, you can run it Raid 1 which gives you Mirrored drives for Fail over, if the drive dies your data is still on the second Drive. I am currently researching the Digital Drives to see what is compatable. Intel makes a new super fast Memory Chip called Optane, that they sell in PCI cards you can put in computers.
Basically when data is written to the drive, if it overwhelms the drive which is called Buffer over run, you can have drop outs in Music. They make Hybrid drives which are PLatter (spinning Discs) Whith Digital Memory which is a buffer. The buffer takes the Data in as fast as it is streamed and then written to the drives. Cheap USB Digital (CHIP) drives might have a small buffer and not write very fast thus, you get drop outs. Ideally it is better to use Spinning disks and depending How Loud you are these can be susceptible to Vibration (easy to Isolate in Foam in box but has to be chilled with Fan).
Live I am researching Ideal to capture 4 hours of music. Connected to Computer, that’s infinite with Raid, Optane cards and Scuzzi and Raid. You can put SATA drives in a Raid configuration as well. I know some of this is deep for most, let me know if you have questions! There will be a Quiz!